booksThe library consists of the three sections listed below.

Each of these areas contains a wealth of information to help improve your piloting skills and safety.

A new edition of Aviation Psychology and Human Factors, written specifically for pilots and other non-psychologist, is now available for those who want more information on this subject.

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  • Documents

    • ADM
      Aeronautical Decision Making manuals and reports.
    • International Documents
      This is a collection of documents from other aviation authorities -- principally the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • Research Reports
      Technical reports dealing mostly with the materials contained in this web site.
    • FAA Human Factors
      Technical reports published by the Office of Aerospace Medicine. These reports deal with a wide range of human factors issues ranging from the use of desk-top simulators for training to the impact of hazardous attitudes on pilot safety.
    • Medical
      Aviation medicine brochures produced by the FAA.
    • FAA Brochures & Guides
      The FAA produces a large number of publications aimed at improving pilot safety. These are some of those that seem most relevant.
    • NTSB Safety Alerts
      The NTSB puts out these alerts on topics they consider especially relevant for safety. If they think it is important, perhaps you should take a look.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    Powerpoint presentations developed by the FAA, NASA, and other organizations.

  • Videos

    Videos produced by the FAA and the NTSB on a variety of subjects related to pilot skills and safety.