560531 Aviation Human Factors


The Old Hazardous Attitudes Assessment

Research has suggested that there are five hazardous attitudes that affect pilot judgment. These attitudes affect the way you make decisions, and can lead you into potentially hazardous situations. Later, you will learn ways to limit your own hazardous attitudes.

As a first step, you can take a self-assessment inventory to give you a personal insight into hazardous attitudes. This assessment asks you to decide why you, as a pilot, might have made certain decisions.

This exercise is taken directly from the FAA's Pamphlet on Aeronautical Decision Making. It is intended solely as an exercise to sart you thinking about attitudes and how they might influence your flying. It should not be used to assess your personal levels of these hazardous attitudes.


You will be given ten aviation situations. Read each of the situations carefully, then read eachof the five possible reasons for a decision and choose the one most likely reason why you might make the choice that is described.

After you have gone through all ten scenarios, we will compute your hazardous attitude scores, tell you what they mean, and give you some advice on reducing your risk if you have gotten a high score.